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Fundraising with Dynamik Ink is easy and effective. Ask us how we can partner with you and achieve your fundraising goals.


How It Works

Once you decide to partner with us for your fundraising needs we will help implement a plan to make the most of your efforts. We want to ensure your success so we approach each fundraising campaign on an individual basis—tailoring our process to your needs.

Select Items

Work with us to choose items to sell. Bring your own design or let us create something eye-catching for you.

Pick Your Price

We will set a base price on your products, but you will be able to determine the markup which will translate into your fundraising profit

Sell Your Items

Sell your items in person or let us create an online store

Contact Our Creative Team

If you need help with your design or just simply want us to help you with your creative vision, contact Dustin at (920) 287.4406 or Michelle at (262) 983.9011 reach out to use all at email:

Reach Us

We are here and HAPPY  to HELP.

Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Elijah: (920) 901.0054
Dustin: (920) 287.4406

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